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aug 13th
by: Greg Rehfeld



Wade’s Army is a nonprofit 501(c)3 leading the charge against the paediatric cancer, Neuroblastoma. Celebrating the courageous life of Wade DeBruin, Sept. 22, 2009-Nov. 12, 2011, we are rallying troops to continue his fight against this disease. By contributing you are helping support families affected by Neuroblastoma.


Mobility Work

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sept 28th
by: Greg Rehfeld

Tightness in the anterior shoulder muscles such as the pec major and minor muscles can lead to shoulder impingement problems and limitation in overhead positions. Tightness in these muscles are usually a result of our everyday sustained postures such as driving, computer work, and sitting posture. This issue can upset the delicate balance of shoulder mobility and muscular control that lead to rotator cuff problems in the long run. (more…)

News and Events

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aug 13th
by: Greg Rehfeld

Guys, we are going to be doing a fundraiser for Wade’s Army the next few months( see coaches blog). We will be giving away free memberships and other cool prizes for the biggest donations each month and over all donation. Stay tuned for details and please go donate!!!!


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