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by: Greg Rehfeld

It’s time to test your fitness and cheer on your fellow Mettleheads in the 2017 CrossFit Games Open! Join us Thursday evening after Open Gym as we watch the official announcement of the 17.1 workout.  This week Patrick Vellner goes head to head with Brent Fikowski and Sam Briggs will take on Kristin Holte live from two locations.  Come out and plan your strategy before we throw down during Friday Night Lights.  Bring your own snacks and beverages and hang out with your Mettle fam as we kick off the CrossFit Games 2017 Open season!  Click here to register for the Open.

Mobility Work

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by: Greg Rehfeld

Mobility WOD for Open Gym

-Thoracic extension on Foam Roll HHR with serratus activation 5 sec hold x 10

-Thoracic rotation 5 sec hold x 10 each side

-Lat stretch accumulate 2 min holds

-Robots (supine or standing) x 20

News and Events

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by: Greg Rehfeld

img_3604Here’s this month’s Mettle Challenge:  Strict Pull Ups

  • Monday, Feb 6th- Thursday, Feb 23rd
  • 3 Ways To Win
  1. First athlete to achieve their very first strict pull up.  Must submit video.
  2. Athletes using bands for assistance:  1 point for every 5 band assisted pull ups.  Athlete with the most points by Feb 23rd wins.
  3. Athletes who already have strict pull ups:  Set a goal for reps without dropping off the bar.  Person that gets closest or most exceeds their goal by Feb 23rd wins.  In the event of a tie athletes will do one round of max strict pull ups.  Person with the most in that round, wins.

Each winner gets $25 off their membership fee for March!!

Movement standards:  

  • Chin must be above the bar on each rep to count

Look for the sign up board by the office to participate.  Good luck!

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