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by: Greg Rehfeld

The 9 AM and NOON class will only be held on Monday and Wednesday for the week of September 17th

Mobility Work

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by: Greg Rehfeld

Mobility WOD for Open Gym

-Thoracic extension on Foam Roll HHR with serratus activation 5 sec hold x 10

-Thoracic rotation 5 sec hold x 10 each side

-Lat stretch accumulate 2 min holds

-Robots (supine or standing) x 20

News and Events

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by: Greg Rehfeld

Clayton and Katie Tyner have begun their journey to adopt a child from Ethiopia.  Show your support by pre-ordering your Family T-Shirt.  The sign up sheet to reserve your shirt or tank is on the office door.  To find out more about the Tyners and their adoption process,  Click Here.


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