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by: Monica Deschaine

Time to partner up and get to burpee’ingimage

Starting Friday, April 15-May 15, we will have a burpee challenge. Goal is to complete as many reps as possible as a team!
All reps must be complete WITH your partner and at CrossFit Mettle.
Things to remember:
-all reps are completed TOGETHER and count as 1 rep, not 2!
-Burpees included in workouts DO NOT COUNT.
-there will be a poster board where you can keep track of your team reps. (1 star will equal 25 reps)
-winner will get one month free lifting and gymnastic/skill programming!

Let’s get to movin’ 😁


Mobility Work

Posted In: Mobility
by: Greg Rehfeld

The latissimus dorsi muscle can be a problem because it spans a large area of our posterior. It originates from thoracic and lumbar vertebrae, fascia, ribs and the bottom of the shoulder blade. The insertion point is your humerus, aka upper arm bone. Stiffness and shortness in this muscles leads to shoulder problems if the lats force it into a forward and internally rotated position, and increase lumbar extension which leaves the door open for back problems. (more…)

News and Events

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by: Greg Rehfeld

We have a few events planned for this weekend.

Saturday, May 28th

7AM: We will be working out bright and early and then floating the river.

Monday, May 30th


This is the only class time we will have this Monday.

MURPH is always a great time to meet members from the gym that you haven’t met before. If this is your first time doing MURPH or would like to learn more about MURPH visit the following website: Murph Tips and Tricks

The coaches will be more than happy to assist you with modifications for MURPH.

Please join us for a fun-packed Memorial Day weekend!

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