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Greg Rehfeld

Founder and Coach

Growing up as a coaches kid, team sports was something that molded me into the person I am today. Choosing a different direction in life, I got away from sports and just did the average weight lifting and not much else. Needing something more I stumbled on to CrossFit and the rest is history. CrossFit not only gets my competitive juices flowing but allows me to help others achieve their goals as well!!


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CrossFit Endurance
CrossFit Kettlebell
CrossFit Football

Andre Botha

Crossfit Coach

Crossfit has made such an impact on my life in so many ways I dont know where to start.  Getting in shape is easy to do and that is not what we do at Crossfit Mettle.  We get you fuctional, increase your capacity, and reduce your risk for injury with excellent programming and coaching.


CrossFit level 1
USA Weightlifting Sports Performance Coach
B.A. Exercise Science


Brian Hyatt

Crossfit Coach

My joy in coaching is always showing members they can go further physically than they ever thought possible.  It’s all about channeling that warrior spirit and realizing fatigue is just information.  Seeing what you’re capable of truly makes you a more powerful human being. All of the sudden a long work day or personal problems don’t seem as rigid as before.  Join us and find out what you’re capable of.


Crossfit Football
United States Marine

Sammi Volker

Crossfit Coach

I have been an athlete my whole life, but have never seen major results like Crossfit has given me. I was a college cheerleader where the focus of our fitness was being skinny. I came upon Crossfit in December of 2010. It has totally rocked my world! Crossfit truly has changed my mind into “strong is the new skinny”! I am consistently down 12 pounds and 5% body fat since college and am my strongest, fastest, and healthiest I’ve ever been!!  Our gym is a great place to workout and will change your life. We will help you be one day better!


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CrossFit Kids

Christina Jahrling

Crossfit Coach

Christina Jahrling has been a Crossfitter for nearly 3 years and has been part of the Mettle family since 2014. Her interest in fitness and body mechanics is well established as she received a bachelor’s degree in kinesiology from the University of Houston in 2007 and continued on to earn a Doctorate in physical therapy from the University of Texas Medical Branch in 2011. Christina has continued her education and proficiency for diagnosing and treating movement dysfunctions by pursuing a fellowship at the Manual Therapy Institute. She is thrilled to be able to put her skills to use by teaching other Crossfitters how to develop mobility, prevent injuries, and build a proper foundation for movement.

Carolina Malm

Crossfit Coach

Carolina grew up doing gymnastics from four years old until she was fifteen. After she stopped competing, she didn’t know what to do about exercising and living a healthy lifestyle. Three years ago, she decided she needed to change her lifestyle. She tried Crossfit. She fell in love with the constantly varied routines, community atmosphere, encouragement, and ability to push herself to do things she never thought herself capable.

She is a certified personal trainer with the National Academy of Sports Medicine and currently pursuing a doctor of physical therapy at UT Health Science-San Antonio. She is the coach of the ladies only class and loves to help girls of all levels. She can help you get back into shape or get stronger, while having fun.


CrossFit Level 1
Certified NASM Personal Trainer

Monica Deschaine

Crossfit Coach

I love the feeling of walking into the gym and seeing everyone do work. Work that’s not easy, that makes you sweat, and makes you push. And not because someone is making them, but because they WANT to be there. Because they want to be better, want to improve, want to take on the challenge. I love the feeling of leaving the gym knowing I have accomplished something. Crossfit does it for me every time! I enjoy the variety of crossfit; there is always something to improve on, always something to struggle through, and then something to excel at. I absolutely love the community that becomes family. “Surround yourself with positive successful people”. You will never know what you are truly capable of until you push the limits. Our bodies were made to move so lets get to work!

Monica Deschaine, PT, DPT


Crossfit Level 1
Doctorate of Physical Therapy
B.S. Kinesiology- Exercise Science

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