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Jan 20th
by: Greg Rehfeld

Here is an interesting read about The Addiction of Food and the growing epidemic of obesity. This is one addiction that can easily be overlooked or underminded because, obviously, there is not hazard or warning message posted on food like you might see on a cigarette pack  and, obviously, eating is essential as a human being. However, there is serious health consequences that come from being addicted. Obesity is a disease, not just an excess of body weight. In a society that enjoys and celebrates food, centers social event around food, modifies natural food sources and encourages taste over nutritional value, it’s important to understant the consequenses of being addicted and disease manifestion. Make mental gains! And share the knowlege! #onedaybetter


Article provided from   Nutrition Journal on BioMed Central.

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Jul 25th
by: admin

Paleo, Primal or Zone?

With an increase in physical activity the demands on the body require us to pay attention to the food we eat. There are many recourses and studies that show how the foods we eat affect our mood, performance, recovery and longevity.

Here is some information about Paleo, Primal, and Zone.   This is a page of information to help those wanting to change their eating habits.  This information is for you to review and study, to decide which style is best for you.

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