Terry and Victoria Toller

Owners of CrossFit Mettle, CF-L1


Terry and Victoria "Kat" Toller are the owners of CrossFit Mettle and also own the nearby auto shop, Cambridge Auto! They are both incredibly passionate about CrossFit Mettle and aim to provide Mettleheads with an amazing facility, top-notch coaching, and a variety of classes and offerings. 

Paul Arguijo

Owner and Head Coach, CF-L1


Paul is truly the dad of CrossFit Mettle! As part-owner and Head Coach, Paul essentially lives at the gym. If you come in, he will likely be the first to greet you with a big smile on his face! He is dedicated to creating a welcoming environment at Mettle and helping every athlete achieve their goals.

Brittni Jones

Owner and Social Media Manager, CF-L1


Feeling like you need an energy boost? Time for you to go chat with Brittni! Brittni is part-owner, part-wizard! She does a lot behind the scenes to make sure Mettle runs smoothly, has a poppin' social media, and is constantly brainstorming new ways to make Mettle better.

Pamela Sepulveda  

Coach, CF-L1


Pam is another one of our amazing coaches who typically leads our 9am and noon classes! Pam has a heart for new moms and is passionate about helping people reach their fitness goals at any level. During classes you can find her snuggle Mettle mom's babies while coaching! In addition to coaching classes, she teaches onboarding as well as offers personal training.

Steph Giacalone

Coach, CF-L1, NCSF-CPT


Steph is our newest coach who recently moved all the way from Brooklyn! She's currently a USAW athlete in addition to having her CrossFit L1. Steph leads a number of classes at Mettle, such as gymnastics courses and olympic lifting classes. In addition to coaching, she also has a blog where she takes a deep-dive on all things CrossFit, lifting and fitness! 

Chas Noble

Coach, CF-L1, CF-Gymnastics


Chas is our evening coach! She brings an incredible amount of knowledge to CrossFit Mettle. Chas is incredibly passionate about coaching athletes to be the best they can be - and makes sure they are safely executing standards every step of the way. 

Homer Uribe

Coach, CF-L1


Homer is one of Mettle's longtime coaches. You can usually find him with the 5am and 6am crew cracking a few jokes during the warm up! In addition to being a CrossFit coach, Homer also coaches middle school boys in football, track and field and is a teacher!

Kat Shaw

Coach, CF-L1


Kat is another new mom at Mettle! She loves helping other new moms navigate postpartum fitness. She also typically coaches the AM crew!